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The friendship between the Universe/God/Goddess/Higher Self and the human being is omnipresent. Since the beginning of time, this relationship carries us through life every day and gives us helpful impulses.

We are Aleycham

We are a group of 40 beings of light. Many of us were once human beings and know how challenging life can be. That is why we have come together to support you. You can ask us anything.
We are Aleycham

I am Victoria, Aleycham's voice

I studied mechanical engineering, founded my own company and did a PhD in sociology. In 2010, while writing my PhD thesis, a voice reminded me of our agreement for this life. Since 2015, in addition to being an entrepreneur, I have also been the voice of Aleycham.
I am Victoria

Experiences with us

A session with us

If you are reading these lines right now, it is not by chance, because we have called you.
A session with us


We are Aleycham

We are a group of 40 beings of light. Many of us were once human beings and know how challenging life can be. That is why we have come together to support you. You can ask us anything.


I studied mechanical engineering, founded my own company and did a PhD in sociology. In 2010, while writing my PhD thesis, a voice reminded me of our agreement for this life. Since 2015, in addition to being an entrepreneur, I have also been the voice of Aleycham.


If you are reading these lines, it is not by chance, because we have called you. We are looking forward to meeting you. In the first part of the session we will give you an overview of your life. In the second part we will enter into a conversation with you. By the way: Your session begins when you book it. From that moment on we work with your Higher Self. So don't be surprised if your life changes and gets better and better. Some changes in your life happen so carefully that you only notice afterwards that something has changed. We will also accompany you for a few more weeks. 💖

The Golden Age

More and more signs will show up in your worlds now that the promised golden age has arrived this year. The election in the US is only one of them. Waves of joy and relief will wash over the planet Earth today and the next days which you can feel. This is much more than just a change in the

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The Thyroid Frequency

Today our Angel who is freely and openly receiving our downloads from our divine realms realized that her thyroid gland is sending out pulses of radiatiing golden light and energy. Both sides of the gland have been activated months ago. Now their power is strong enough that you can feel their pulses of energy coming out of both sides. What

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All the world knows : This is a special year. All the world.Some have seen major improvements in their lives, some are afraid of what is still to come. Be assured that whatever is happening on this planet is wonderful. Yes, there are things going on that you dislike and wish they would be different. The best way to respond

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Visualisation Exercise

As this is the time we came for and prepared for so many life times, in so many dimensions and places, it is time to call to us all the wisdom we gathered, all the support that is waiting for us. To start now. Today. Our journey of fulfillment, our life full of purpose. To feel our grandness, our power

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Breath Awareness

Today we want to talk about the air you breathe. It is so mundane that most of you don‘t notice you’re breathing anymore. Take a breath. This delicious free substance that your body needs for surviving is all around you in quantities of abundance that nobody can ever minimize even if they would breathe a lot. There is always a huge

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Tim, Belgium

After hearing about Victoria and her sessions from my girlfriend, who had a wonderful session herself, my interest was fully awakened for taking a session myself.Victoria is such a great person to work with!In her voice resonates nothing but love and light which is very comfortable and soothing for the soul.The session made so many things clear to me about myself, who I am, my journey here in life and where I am in my own process. It really took me to a higher level of awareness. Also a deep healing took place during the session which created space for new energies of growth. I warmly recommend Victoria and her sessions to everybody who’s on the path of Self-development and wants to dive deeper into any subject you’d wish to expand upon. Heartful blessings!

Andrea, Austria

Thank you Victoria and AleychamThe Information and energy that I received during the session has changed my life, my love relationship, my business and even the relationship to my pets. The profound knowing and the clear Information has touched me in a unique way. I am so grateful to have found Aleychams wisdom because I have a long journey of searching for this behind me. Thank you for the wonderful informations and the amazing energy of the transformation.

Matthew‘s mom, Belgium

I couldn’t be more grateful for the channeling session with Victoria and her team Aleycham. As a mom I know the heart of my son very well.Matthew is 23 years of age, living at home and going through a very difficult time in his life. Because he’s so aware and didn’t know how to cope with this difficulty, he turned to drugs at a very young age. At first it was soothing for him but over time it turned into a nightmare. The effect of the drugs has been 10 years of complete horror for him, his sister and me. During all these years we’ve tried so many things to help him. Some worked better than others but the struggle and relapses were never far away. At one point, just weeks ago, I was convinced that I was going to loose him. Last Wednesday, in a session that was initially planned for my own growth, it seemed to be the right time to do an exercise for Matthew. The exercise was wonderful. Aleycham gave me instructions how to deal with Matthew in the coming days and months ahead. The team also said that I would be able to see a change in him within 24 hours. I am astonished! It’s only Friday and he’s more present, he communicates, he has dinner with the family again, he takes the initiative to work in the garden, attents school more actively, gets inspired to keep himself occupied in a productive way. I can even hear him whistle as I am writing this testimonial… I can’t believe my ears. It’s so beautiful to see him being relieved. What a change has occurred! I have no words for the amount of gratitude! Thank you so much Victoria and Aleycham. Please never stop your great work as it is literally life changing. Thanks again!

Isabelle, Belgium

What a session! It was amazing! What a joy to be able to talk to ones higher self through Victoria. The communication went so easy, it was so light and bright. There was a high frequency of energy present. It had a sense of recognition all though it was the first time. It was like a home coming party between the angels, the elementals, my higher self and me. So much joy! It was greater and grander than I could have ever imagined. The support of the angels, the warmth and love I experienced was as nourishing as taking a warm and relaxing bath. We engaged in exercises to open up blocked area’s. I was aware of these area’s but I didn’t have enough clarity to do it myself. They offered to clear my path. The shifts in the energy where enormous. I am so grateful for the call. It strengthened me, gave me a lot of reassurance and self assurance for my future plans. The guidance is so wonderful and warm. I have tons of gratitude and it works contagious. I notice that I copy the attitude of more patience, true caring and understanding from the angels and transfer it to my clients. Once again, so grateful for the session. I have to retain myself to not call in again now…but I definitely will soon :-))

Marsha, Germany

I never have felt so much trust in life than after the channel with Victoria. The words of Aleycham activated strengths within me that were hidden for long. It feels to me as if part of my soul has come from hidden places back to me. I recognize myself in my full beauty and see myself in such clarity and light than ever before. Huge thanks for that!!! A big embrace and greetings of light, Marsha

Julia, Berlin

I’m most thankful for having met Victoria and her team in such a natural way. There have been many moments when desperation, panic and fear have taken center stage in my life. When I was able to speak with Victoria in these situations there was always relief, understanding and a solution. I don’t know who else I could have asked who has a broader view. Each session is like a retreat, a physical and mental cleansing and either a confirmation to continue on the path that has already been chosen or to choose a new path. Victoria works differently than others I have had the pleasure to work with. I am an entrepreneur and own a manufacture which sells products all over the world. There are many aspects of the business that keep me occupied. A business is like a living being that changes continuously. Change means growth that leads to awareness while I need to keep an open mind for new potentials. The lesson I’ve learned from Victoria, who has a beautiful nature, and her team is that nothing’s what it looks like. Our human nature doesn’t always understand life circumstances and situations, that are sometimes essential for me and others. That’s why we sometimes need assistance which help us to understand the bigger picture and the world. There are some strong educational aspects in Victoria’s work that serve to explain various areas of your life. It can lead to tears when a certain subject is addressed in order to be solved. There are also ‘aha moments’, lots of laughs and smiles. The beautiful part is that Victoria always picks you up where you currently are.

Amy, the Netherlands

Talking with Aleycham has transformed my life! Truly I am a different person as a result of our conversations as they offer their wise and loving perspective on everything imaginable from moving to a new home, discussing what would be of most benefit to my body, offering insights into relationships, guidance about work and my life purpose, recommending valuable and easy to use exercises that transform my beliefs and patterns, and so much more. I’ve listened to many channels and channelers in my life and the clarity, practicality, and deep wisdom that Victoria is able to translate through Aleycham is world-class. One of the things I admire most about them is that they provide me with practical wisdom as to how I can create a better life now. With every interaction, Aleycham conveys the meaning of their name–peace be with you. I am so deeply grateful for their invaluable presence because they have infused my life with peace and encouraged me to create a life lived in joy.

Sandra, the Netherlands

The gift that Victoria and Aleycham have been to me and my life is almost impossible to put into words. They’ve guided me through one of the most difficult moments of my life when my newborn son was very sick. They see everything that’s occurring for me in my life and address all the things that will contribute the most in that moment. I always have a list of questions before starting a channel and in the end I didn’t even have to ask any of them because they will answer all of them and so much more. They’ve given me flashes of the future that all came true and in even greater ways than I could’ve imagined. I trust myself more than ever and see the path to take to create the life I desire. Aleycham brings peace, love and a feeling like you’re covered by a warm blanket and hugged by an angel. What a gift.

Kathryn, UK

“I am extremely blessed to have received three channelings from Victoria’s group, Aleycham. I’m not someone who would normally be interested in channelling, so I was simply BLOWN AWAY not only by the accuracy of their words, but also by the sheer joy and feeling of uplift the whole experience gave me each time. I have listened to each recording many times now, and each time I am lifted into a greater sense of my purpose and my value – just as I am – as well as connecting with the opportunities that are unfolding for me, which are all amazing – and all foretold by this incredibly wise group of souls.”

Katrin, Germany

I’ve been so fortunate as to have benefitted from Aleycham’s guidance for a number of years now. It is a blessing to feel connected to Aleycham during our channels, just their energy alone makes me feel lighter and freer. And when they answer my questions – with great appreciation and full of humour – it has always been very helpful for my life. I feel wonderfully supported to keep going and to get a better understanding of myself and my path in life.

Jürgen, Germany

Dear Victoria,I feel so much better after our session. I keep myself straight and my back feels well. Thank you again and again, love, Jürgen

Mirjam, Germany

Monday’s session is still working strongly on my system. For the last two months I’ve had to deal with a disappointment in love. Ever since we’ve started working together I feel invigorated, grounded and as if I had wings. Before I felt very lonely and I found it very hard to feel any joy. Even though I do yoga, meditate, have good friends and take good care of myself, I felt very depressed and sometimes hopeless. Now I feel connected and wrapped in love, liberated and I can laugh uninhibited again. I felt acknowledged and very safe with you. Your voice and the messages that came through were full of healing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so clear, so centered and so connected to my own body. During our session I was full of trust and the knowledge that a deeper truth was being uttered. Now I’m enjoying its blissful effect. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you a sincere smile. Feel free to use my message or any part thereof for your website. Lots of Love and all the Best for you, Mirjam

Pinar, Germany

This has been my first experience with channeling. I am very curious to see how the energies develop and how they will affect my life’s frequency. I was very grateful for the methodical and practical tipsand I put them into action on a daily basis. I’m full of anticipation as to how my life will unfold henceforth and am more than happy to keep you posted. Thank you so much, lots of love, Pinar

Christine, Germany

Meeting Aleycham has transformed my life on many levels and areas. It has deepened my experience. The encounter with the love Aleycham sends is both moving and elevating.

Birgitta, Germany

It’s like meeting with yourself, with a living piece of God / of Source / of Original Being. It makes you feel whole, it is something you have been longing for without being aware of it. Yet you will be aware of this when you leave this meeting of souls. You are no longer the same person. Because you have been seen. Victoria and Aleycham help you to see yourself in all your depth and beauty; to see where you have come from and to see all the potentials you carry inside yourself. I believe that everybody who considers consulting Aleycham will experience this.Victoria is the perfect medium for this experience. Everything that came to me through her made sense; it literally spoke to my very cells and my soul. This is owing both to the information I learned as well as to the beneficial meeting with her on a heart-to-heart basis. Be open. Trust yourself. It is a wonderful experience. I am full of gratitude for it. I feel blessed and am looking forward to the next time. Lots of love,Birgitta

Sylvia, Germany

Victoria’s friendly and personable manner creates an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease and full of trust. The messages she conveyed from the spiritual world are specific and absolutely useful for my everyday life. They gave me orientation and clarity with regard to my life’s purpose. This has been my first channeling session and it certainly won’t be the last. Thank you so much!! Kind regards, Sylvia

Dorothee, Germany

I’ve listened to the recording repeatedly, as you recommended. This gave me a boost of energy and orientation, as to how to proceed. Occasionally [or Periodically] I would like to refer back to this extraordinary guidance. Warmest greetings, Nia

How do I book a session?

Go to Session in the menu and select a date and time. Then follow the instructions.

How do I book a workshop?

Go to Events in the menu and select the workshop you want to book. 💖

How can I cancel a place in the workshop?

Just let Victoria know. Up to two weeks before the workshop, all money is refunded. After that only 50%.

Is there a discount in the workshop if I bring someone with me?

Yes, for each person you bring to the workshop you get a 10% discount.

How can I postpone or cancel a session?

Simply check with Victoria via WhatsApp or email up to 24 hours in advance.

How do I prepare for a session with Aleycham?

It is best to be alone in a place where you are relaxed and undisturbed. Have a list of questions ready that you want to ask. That’s it. Everything else will be explained to you in the session. 😘

How often can I book a session?

Aleycham say that it takes 2 to 5 months for the changes initiated in the session to arrive in the 3D world. That is why there should be this much time between two sessions.

What if my life changes after the session?

Congratulations! Change is good. Since we will be with you for another 3 months, we are still here for you.

Will I continue to be accompanied after the session?

Yes, for a quarter of a year you will receive messages from Aleycham via WhatsApp or Telegram from time to time. If you still have a question for clarification, you can ask us.

Can I also have further accompaniment?

Yes, just book another session and you will have 3 months of Aleycham company again.