Amy, the Netherlands

Talking with Aleycham has transformed my life! Truly I am a different person as a result of our conversations as they offer their wise and loving perspective on everything imaginable from moving to a new home, discussing what would be of most benefit to my body, offering insights into relationships, guidance about work and my life purpose, recommending valuable and easy to use exercises that transform my beliefs and patterns, and so much more. I’ve listened to many channels and channelers in my life and the clarity, practicality, and deep wisdom that Victoria is able to translate through Aleycham is world-class. One of the things I admire most about them is that they provide me with practical wisdom as to how I can create a better life now. With every interaction, Aleycham conveys the meaning of their name–peace be with you. I am so deeply grateful for their invaluable presence because they have infused my life with peace and encouraged me to create a life lived in joy.

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