Beloved Human Angels

What many assume is the result of a low vibration, limiting subconscious beliefs, an out-of-control ego, or the assumption of ‘evil forces’ at play is a crucial stage of awakening called “Dark Night of the Soul”. During this stage, attachments to ego are deconstructed and unraveled, resulting in much pain, confusion, fear, and frustration for many beings. While surrender is the best remedy, it’s best to employ this in a specific way so not to become the ego’s way of co-opting the beauty of surrendering as a means of trying to control its experience or preserve its false perception of power.
In order to activate the authentic power of surrender, try repeating these words out loud:

“Thank you beloved Universe for awakening within me. Please spare no expense at unraveling what needs to be unraveled, transforming what needs to be transformed, and healing what needs to be healed. I surrender to the fate of my highest potential and divine authority, inviting the change that only brings forth greater harmony, wholeness, liberation, and well-being.
I hand over the aspects of ego that were never meant to go any further in my journey, allowing a greater embodiment and integration of heart-centered consciousness to abide within me now. Even when it feels like all hope is lost or as if I’m going to die, I step forward into the mystery that cannot be understood ‘beforehand’, only to receive more awareness of the light I AM, have always been, and shall always be. With a deeper commitment to self-care and healthy choices, I surrender my patterns of addiction by allowing my surrender to be complete.
This is not a surrendering from making choices, but surrendering to the highest choices that nourish my body with the nutrition, rest, and emotional support it so deserves and desires. Thank you for this opportunity to transform ancestral lineages and help uplift the consciousness of humanity by ending the inner battle of ego. And thank you for no longer supporting the negotiation of self-defeating choices. Thank you dearest Universe. I am the vessel of your highest will. Take me, I’m yours. And so I let go. I am surrendered. Surrendered I am. And so it is.”

Whether just needing to say it once or several times per day, please utilize this healing mantra to align with the light of your rebirthing soul, instead of identifying with the unraveling of a dissolving ego structure.
On behalf of the Universe, you are loved, guided, and supported so miraculously and incredibly — now and forever. Please enjoy each section of this newsletter and know that you are loved in each and every breath.
All For Love,

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