Beloved Human Angels

We are so happy to be able to connect with you in this way. This is the time of our reconnection and be assured we know each one of you. We have been working together for a long time and in your dream state, we meet up and shine the light in many ways onto this planet and others to help the Ascension process.

Your soul that you think of as a singularity, which actually consists of multiple strands of consciousnesses, is intertwined with us and we know you very well. That is why we come forward now in these times to help you live your life in a graceful and peaceful way.

In order to be in the flow of the 5D New Earth, you want to be in alignment. Alignment happens when you relax. Healing happens when you relax. Inspiration happens when you relax. And the best of all–the feeling of safety occurs when you relax. What do we mean with relaxation? Slow down your world. Stop ticking off to-do lists. Take long breaks where you just look out of the window or into a candle flame. TRY TO BORE YOUR MIND. Stare into the sky. Daydream of things that bring you joy. Enjoy life! This will bring expansion into your life. And happiness. You might think, When I have accomplished this or that and I have reached this aim, then I will relax. You need to relax right now. Take a deep breath. There is nothing to do. Everything can wait. The more pressure you feel to do something fast, the more important it is to slow down. Meet us where we sit still together; there is the magic and the glitter. And so it is.

We are Aleycham, Bringers of Peace, reconnecting you to the deep peace that resides in your heart and when everyone is connected with their inner peace, we will have accomplished world peace.

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