Beloved Human Angels

We know how bad you are sometimes feeling, we know how life can feel like drudgery and hard work. And what is this statement supposed to mean? “The Golden Age has arrived,” bla bla bla. We hear you wondering, Will I feel good all the time? Will all my wishes come true finally?

We know how badly you want to feel better. And that‘s why we want to talk about self-love. You might judge your life in comparison with others or what you have seen in movies and in magazines. You judge all areas of your life and also yourself and your body. You need to get good marks in the competition with others about everything.  And more than often you give yourself a bad mark. This makes you feel bad. 

The truth is: You are of the highest possible value just because you breathe. You don‘t have to do anything. You are valuable beyond words because you are a part of god/dess with a unique perspective on the world. You all have different perspectives and that is what makes you so valuable. You have all the reasons to love yourself and be proud of yourself. You don‘t need anyone else from outside of you to confirm that you are lovely, lovable and worthy. Every heartbeat of yours says softly, “I love you,” to you. You are the love you are searching for, you are the grandness you want to achieve, You are god/dess. And so it is.

We are Aleycham, Bringers of Peace, reconnecting you to the deep peace that resides in your heart and when everyone is connected with their inner peace, we will have accomplished world peace.

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