Beloved Human Angels

We use soul, higher self and guidance synonymously. So many of you have forgotten that you are divine. A shining light, day and night and so valuable, each one of you. You are loved beyond measure and we are proud of you. These are not easy times and the changes just start to show. More is coming. More joy, more love, more light is rising on our beloved holy planet, Gaia, each day. Celebrate! You are part of the change. You have prepared for life times to be the chosen ones to help support this profound change in history. You are magical, innocent and powerful. And the more you are connected with your inner guidance, soul or guardian angel, however you want to call it, the easier your life gets, the more joy you‘ll experience.

How to connect?
Your inner guidance is constantly interacting with you. Not in words so much but more like a feeling, a knowing. Everyone of you has had this experience of an inner knowing as to what to do next. Cultivate it. Feel into your inner world and ask for guidance and then listen. Your inner guidance will answer by pointing out some writing in front of you, maybe a number plate that has significance or something that someone said. Everyone of you is connected to the divine wisdom. Only you have forgotten to stand still for a moment and listen. Maybe your feeling says you need to go into this shop right now. Although your mind asks, “Why? I don‘t need anything from there.” Just do it. Entering the shop you might meet a person that you have wanted to meet for ages. The more you listen to your guidance, the more coincidences happen in your life and this is a sure sign of divine guidance. Welcome into the 5D world. We would enjoy and encourage you to share here what wonderful coincidences you have already experienced so far. We surround you with light, love and healing. Know that everything is well. And so it is.

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