Beloved Human Angels

As we are all ascending together with Gaia, our planet and our bodies change. The DNA becomes multidimensional and every cell is altered to hold more light. Many people notice that their reactions to food changes. Some food choices that you might have eaten your whole life are not welcomed anymore and the body reacts with eczema, allergies, and other symptoms. Especially gluten, milk and soy products are more and more problematic. 

The Corona Virus was called into existence to help us transform our bodies. Children don’t need the virus because their body cells and DNA already have a new structure. Human Angels who carry the virus, but are only mildly affected, only need a little bit of calibration to go from 3D into 5D. The survivors with heavy symptoms need more calibration. 

What is 5D ? 
In 3D  the focus of our lives is on doing, achieving, and results. Most of us struggle in at least one area of our lives. Life can be hard and exhausting. We feel like victims and judge a lot.

5D is being in the flow. The focus is on being. Before we act, we connect to the greater wisdom and let them guide us. Therefore we experience wonder and amazement; we allow the invisible side to help us live our everyday life. Everything gets accomplished in no time  in ways we hadn’t expected. In 5D we are here fully, entirely, and completely. We are dedicated to the present moment. We know our worth and value and our power. We trust and surrender to the greater part of us named soul who wants to guide us day and night. Welcome to the Golden Age. And so it is.

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