Changing from 3D to 5D

This is the time of changing from 3D to 5D. 5D consciousness includes all people, animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as equal partners. All humans are equally valued. Everybody can love who they want. They can dress and work how they wish. And it is changing from doing into being. Our actions will still be important and they need to be inspired actions, not just actions that arise from demands from the outside. Our inner guidance is getting stronger. We are guided in our actions, thoughts, and words from within instead of from the outside. 
The Corona virus hype helps to break up old stuck infrastructures as seen in banks, insurance companies, and fear based beliefs. It interrupts many business structures which were running for centuries but are not appropriate in the higher consciousness of the 5D world. 
People who do not want to experience this 5D sovereign world where all are free to do what they want and are connected to their own hearts’ wisdom choose to go and created the opportunity with this virus. These are mainly those who are either unsupportive of the new world order, or who want to serve this change from the other side in a much grander way. 
The word Corona means crown. It’s about your crown chakra opening and connecting back to  your higher self which is the bigger part of you. ⭐ It is your higher self who holds the connection to all that is. Your guardian angels, your higher self, and your soul want to speak to you. ⭐ Your own best ever guidance is reconnecting back to you. You are blessed, loved, and divine. Welcome friends to the new Earth which is emerging now. 
Open your heart and your crown chakra. Open it for the divine love around you that reflects the divine love you are. ❤ 
This spring is not just another spring time. This spring is the emerging of the new world, the new Earth, and the Golden Age for which we have waited so long. Welcome pure innocent souls. 
We are Aleycham. Bringers of peace. We remind you of the inner peace that resides at the bottom of your hearts. Welcome and celebrate. And so it is.

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