The Thyroid Frequency

Today our Angel who is freely and openly receiving our downloads from our divine realms realized that her thyroid gland is sending out pulses of radiatiing golden light and energy. Both sides of the gland have been activated months ago. Now their power is strong enough that you can feel their pulses of energy coming out of both sides.

What information are they transmitting to the world?

The message is
I am that I am. A Human Angel of pure love and innocence. I am powerful. I am love. I am you. I am connected to all what is.  Every blade of grass every little creature is also me. I am you, we named your Intelligence tree 🌳. I am you who we call cloud. I am you which we named mountain. I am you which we call rose. I am you which we see at night and called you star.

Each of you are sending your Information via your thyroid in your own unique frequency. The Information you are receiving from all that is and other Human Angels and What you are sending out forms a majestic frequency carpet that can take you anywhere you like. You can tap into this frequency pattern of the carpet with all its different waves to heal yourself and others. 

Remember the trees are emitting a frequency and each tree and bush and plant gathers with their small ends of their branches the cosmic information and frequency and channels them into the earth and to you. Earth and plants and all that is, loves you. They are sending out pure love towards you. Even more when you touch their leaves or trunk.

You will notice an enhanced feeling of well being, deeper sleep at night and a general notion of belonging, peace and that your presence here is more and more important.

Enjoy this unfolding of you coming back to your inherent powers.

This is why so many of you had problems with your thyroid, under or over performing, sore throat and other problems in this area of your thyroid glands.

This all will ease off in the next weeks as the transformations in this area are nearly completed in all of you.

Love and light, Aleycham

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