All the world knows : This is a special year. All the world.
Some have seen major improvements in their lives, some are afraid of what is still to come. Be assured that whatever is happening on this planet is wonderful. Yes, there are things going on that you dislike and wish they would be different. The best way to respond to these and to everything in your life that you don‘t like: Imagine how you would like it to be.  

As soon as you have identified something you don‘t want, switch to the imagination of how you want it to be. For example: the world and nature and earth don‘t need to be rescued. All is well even with some things going on that you dislike. Instead of battling against anything, just hold the vision of a world in which everybody is rich, healthy, happy and in peace with themselves and all around. When this vision comes true, peace on earth for all creatures will be achieved.

As this year will always be remembered there is even more coming. The next big shift is due. On Friday October 9 and Saturday 10 the world will wake up to new dimensions. As before your world might look the same and yet it‘ll be completely changed energetically. This can cause physical symptoms like dizzy spells, headaches and tiredness. The cells of your body are changing and adapting. The knowledge of rejuvenating is revealed. Enjoy. 

New possibilities will enter your life and your life is in progress of change. Be assured that by the end of the year you‘ll look back at all that has happened this year and you will see how many little and big new aspects have entered your life. Celebrate.
Look at the stars at night and connect with one of them. Tell it your worries and receive your answer and its blessing.

You are at a crossing in your life path. Not one where you need to take action now. Just be aware that you now have the choice of disconnecting from mass consciousness and all its norms and expectations to follow your own heart and everything it leads you to. Maybe a new job, a new place on earth to live, a new partner, a new way of being (more relaxed, more tolerating, more curious, more in peace with yourself and the world).

Start something new that interests you, be curious, drop all your judgments. Free yourself from your own judgements and others‘. Start your life from scratch. Pretend you are new here on earth and you can do whatever you like. Welcome to this new plane of existence. You are loved, honored and adored. We are next to you day and night. We hold you in our arms. You are always protected. Let your presence radiate the love that you are. And so it is.

We are Aleycham, Bringer of Peace to every Human Heart and we are so happy to connect with you. Receive our healing and love. We know and recognize you. We have been friends and partners for aeons of time. Let us be together again and blend our frequencies. We will uplift you and are with you all of the time for advice on your Human Journey.

Love and light,

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