Visualisation Exercise

As this is the time we came for and prepared for so many life times, in so many dimensions and places, it is time to call to us all the wisdom we gathered, all the support that is waiting for us. To start now. Today. Our journey of fulfillment, our life full of purpose. To feel our grandness, our power and our love. To sync with the divine on all levels of our being. And so the story starts. Enjoy every step of it. ❤️

To support this invocation you can visualize different colored energy rays flowing towards you from different directions into your energy field melding with your body and aura. Signifying  all the healing, abundance and wisdom coming from all your support Team in love and honor of your willingness to play your role in this important amazing time of shift. 

Here and now, on (today’s date), I call all my ancestors to me, I call my future self and all my visible and invisible support team to join me.
Give me here and now all the abilities and skills, all the knowledge and wisdom, everything I need to know now, every skill I need to have now for the tasks that lie in front of me that I am asked to do while I am in this wonderful amazing body. 

Dear Divine, let me be a tool here in this life, in my surroundings, for the highest frequency, for the love that I can support now, here on Gaia, that wants to be born here with my help.

Let me play my part in this global awakening, in my full power, fearless and with all the love and divine support that I need.

Therefore I command all the skills, powers, and necessary wisdom to flow here and now into my energy field in order for me to use it now and forever.
Furthermore I ask all of my ancestors to join me with their full support here and now so I can see and feel my path and know with sureness where to go and what to think, say and do next.

Let me feel your love and hold me with the greatest care – guide each of my steps, thoughts and words and support my healing on all levels and planes.
This includes my healthy slender body in all dimensions, my financial abundance here on Earth, my flow of well being in all areas and realms that come from you, the universe. 

I am here to implement and take further into realization your ideas, longings and wishes for greater harmony and love between all beings. I am here to live the highest form of beauty, love, and light possible.

In ease and joy I say thank you for this opportunity to be of help and support. I say thank you for your support and the provision of your skills, for all of the received healing on all levels and for your loving guidance.
I thank the universe and all who support me for the right people at the right time and location to meet me and exchange our wisdom. I am thankful for my good thoughts and my wonderful experiences in my flow of life.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

And all our love for you. And so it is.

Aleycham Bringer of Peace. Reconnecting you to your power, wisdom and freedom.

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