Breath Awareness

Today we want to talk about the air you breathe. It is so mundane that most of you don‘t notice you’re breathing anymore. 
Take a breath. This delicious free substance that your body needs for surviving is all around you in quantities of abundance that nobody can ever minimize even if they would breathe a lot. There is always a huge abundance of air around you. So please feel free to breathe as much as you like.

You think you are breathing air, an invisible substance just there for you. And you are not. What is all around you and invisible is Prana, Life Energy. Very small golden orbs of pure light are dancing in the universe and you are breathing them into your lungs where they unfold their healing qualities. What is all around you is Prana or Orgon energy, as Reich called them. When you look into the blue sky on a bright day, you might be able to see the dancing golden points of energy moving in the air. You are breathing life into you with every breath.

Make it a habit to get up in the morning and take three deep breaths at the open window, conscious of the Prana energy you are inviting into your sacred body.
Enjoy how your body will feel after these three conscious breaths. How invigorating this is. Acknowledging the power of your breath. Welcome it And so it is.

We are Aleycham, Bringer of peace. A group of 40 souls who want to support you in your everyday life as Human Angels on Earth.

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