Find Something New To Do

Do you feel sometimes as if your life is not the way it is supposed to be or as you wish it to be?

Every life is different. And in your societies you have often a certain way of how your life is supposed to be at a certain age. In young ages you are supposed to have a good career, be brilliant, have kids, save for a house and have a good relationship to your family. You are supposed to be healthy and have a slender body, exercise and eat healthy.

So if your life differs from what is expected from you, you feel bad. And from our perspective there is no life that you should live. No life is better or worse than anybody else’s. Now you might get angry and say that a poor life is more difficult than a rich life, a healthy body is much better than a sick body. And you are right from your human standpoint. For your soul everything is just an experience. The worst thing for your soul is stagnation. So when you live a life where everything repeats and nothing new occurs, That‘s often when your soul is not attracted to life anymore and finds ways of letting go.

Especially now in 2020, find something new to do in your life. Start knitting, do a puzzle, write short stories for children or learn an instrument. Start Yoga or juggle balls in the air, create a website or start cooking new recipes. There is so much out there for you to try. Enjoy!

Now, we want to invite you to make peace with where you are in your life. To live a life that you judge as not as good as it should be will drain your energies to the point where life feels like drudgery. If that is what you feel right now, make peace with where you are. Imagine for a moment that you created this life on purpose exactly like it is. Because everything that is in your life right now serves your soul for the highest good. When you feel into this truth, and believe it for a moment, can you feel the peace coming with it?

And from this feeling of peace, you can start to change your life in the ways you would like it to be. But before you can change it, peace is necessary. And please believe us. You have chosen every part of your life how it is right now. Acknowledge what a grand master creator you are. Your life unfolds according to your beliefs. When you believe that there is no appropriate soul partner out there or she/he is difficult to meet, so be it. Change your beliefs into those that serve your wishes.

And first make peace. Peace with your life. And peace with yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. Be in harmony with what is and appreciate all the things that please you. You created them too. And the more you appreciate them, the more of those will come. We are here, hugging you and supporting you.

And we encourage you to ask questions, which we will answer in one of the next posts.
We love you beyond words. And so it is.

Aleycham, the bringer of peace.

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