Changes In Our DNA

Today is the 12th of April, 2020. And the energy is so deeply peaceful. And that has a reason because last night all of us were changed. All humans on Planet Earth were changed in their course. So this morning we woke up, all of us woke up as different human beings. So today we need to recalibrate. 

Our lives and everything seem so different, it feels different. We feel different in our lives, so it’s so peaceful because people try to get their balance back. They try to get the balance back from what they used to be, but that’s not possible anymore, so they have to find a new balance.  Sleep a lot today. Do only light exercise. Enjoy your day. 

Actually what happened is that the DNA in your body was changed to hold so much more light and joy. The light stands for consciousness and your cells are holding so much more consciousness. With more light you are able to be and stay in the 5 D world so much longer than before. It’s so much easier for you to achieve being in 5 D. So be gentle to yourself. Be loving to yourself. Grace yourself with rest. And see the wonders around you. 

Appreciate a lot today. See all the good things in people and in your life. Recognize the wonder  of every breath you take. So just be. Lie there. Look at the sky. Look at the green around you. Look into your own amazing eyes. And enjoy. This is the new earth that you have waited for. Not only decades. You have waited for eons of time. It’s here now. Welcome to the garden of Eden. And so it is.

We are Aleycham. Bringer of peace and love to every heart. 2020

Channeled through Victoria Heinemann.

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