Step Out Of Hiding

Take a deep breath as this week unfolds in your life. The clarion call has gone out to all life that this is the time to come forth, step out of your hiding, where you hid for life times. Haven‘t you felt the impatience grow in recent years nearly to the point where you couldn‘t bear it anymore?
Weren‘t there times when you were frustrated and angry and bored with how your life repeated itself over and over again?
Didn‘t you feel that you can‘t bear it much longer and the time needs to come soon otherwise you are not interested anymore?

We have good news: The time is here. Now! And by stepping up and finally sharing your wisdom, you will be recognized as the angel you are. By sharing with the world your new healing techniques, your new way of dancing, living, teaching, making love, preparing food and what to eat, you are sending out impulses and inspirations that are changing the world for good.

Come forward, have the courage to show your talents, your abilities, share your new ideas and concepts of how things can be done in a better way. You are all called forward now. Now is the time.

Welcome to the New Earth. What is happening on the spiritual level is that your crown chakra is opening wide to connect with your grander you, your higher self or inner being or soul, however you want to call it. This merging of the human aspect and your higher self will cause you to be fully in your body. Fully connected back to your feelings and therefore feeling what is not appropriate anymore in your life and what desires you have suppressed for so long. Your passion is coming back–your passion for life and the love for yourself. When your higher self/soul and body merge, you are whole/holy again and you will feel it. Easily you can make changes now in your life because you feel what you want so clearly now.

On April 4, 2020 there will be a wave of merging energy that makes its way around the Earth. It will start where the Coronavirus started, in China, and sweep around the Earth from East to West like a La Ola wave in football stadiums. It will encompass everything and you will feel it. It will make your body tingle, it will take away your breath for a moment, your heart will skip a beat. You will feel as if you had fallen freshly in love, new to the Earth and your life, and it will refresh your views on life. In preparation for the big day, release all concepts of how things should or shouldn‘t be. Whether it’s relatIonships, or how much you need to work, how rich you can be or not, and about your body. Release all of your beliefs and start fresh, as if you arrived on Earth today. Take a look around, see all the wonders, and relax. All Beauty is in the process of unfolding.


And so it is! 

We are Aleycham, bringers of peace to every heart on the planet. This message is encoded with a light frequency that will raise your mood and vibration.

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