Beloved Human Angels

Today we want to give your minds a little food and explain the dimensions to you.

An Invitation into the 5D World 

Characteristics of the 3D world/dimension:
Judging is only possible in 3D. Feelings such as anger, irritation, rage, anxiety, and disappointment, etc. exist only in 3D. As long as you judge yourself or others, you are in duality and the old world. When you look for differences you are in 3D. 3D is duality; everything is black or white. You experience time in the past, present, and future. And you are mostly in the past or in the future. Everything in 3D is conditional and reactionary. You have no choice but to react to a situation like the ego tells you to. I am angry when this happens. You also stick with what you have decided long ago or what other people around you have: We don’t play with these kids. People who are rich are bad, etc. Those beliefs are not re-evaluated even if situations and people have changed. The terms always and never are applied and commonly used. You experience many recurring situations. Competition is 3D that turns into cooperation in 5D.

This dimension is only thought to exist in the present time. Here you have a choice of how to react. And here you experience the fluidity of experiences. Something that was true a minute ago is not true now. The experience of an emotionally charged thought is happening in 4D. When I think this, it makes me angry.

The emotions felt in 5D are well being, gratitude, happiness, laughter, co-creation, joy, cooperation. There is no trust or safety concept in 5D because you don‘t need it here.

What is best to do now?
Let go of judgments completely. Use discernment to figure out what you like and don’t like. When you encounter or experience something you don’t like, notice it and immediately go to feelings and imaginations where what you want is already happening instead. Daydream about how it would be to experience the new alternative. Feel how good that feels. Linger in that feeling. Enjoy it. 💜 It’s coming. The more you experience how good the new feels, the faster it is coming towards you. ⭐️ And then it becomes a reality for you to look at, touch and enjoy.💖

Let go of the 3D world and your strong ego that tells you how different others are and how dangerous that is. Cherish the differences. It’s not yet possible to be always in 5D. You’ll change dimensions between 3D, 4D (thought realm) and 5D. We just want to invite you to spend more and more time in 5D. And now go and just be. Sit somewhere and daydream of how you want to feel and what you want to experience. Know that dozens of angels around you will take care of your dreams. 😘 Have fun and so it is.

Inspired by the great teacher Jim Self

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