Isabelle, Belgium

What a session! It was amazing! What a joy to be able to talk to ones higher self through Victoria. The communication went so easy, it was so light and bright. There was a high frequency of energy present. It had a sense of recognition all though it was the first time. It was like a home coming party between the angels, the elementals, my higher self and me. So much joy!

It was greater and grander than I could have ever imagined. The support of the angels, the warmth and love I experienced was as nourishing as taking a warm and relaxing bath.

We engaged in exercises to open up blocked area’s. I was aware of these area’s but I didn’t have enough clarity to do it myself. They offered to clear my path. The shifts in the energy where enormous. I am so grateful for the call.

It strengthened me, gave me a lot of reassurance and self assurance for my future plans. The guidance is so wonderful and warm. I have tons of gratitude and it works contagious. I notice that I copy the attitude of more patience, true caring and understanding from the angels and transfer it to my clients.

Once again, so grateful for the session. I have to retain myself to not call in again now…but I definitely will soon :-))

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