Matthew‘s mom, Belgium

I couldn’t be more grateful for the channeling session with Victoria and her team Aleycham. As a mom I know the heart of my son very well.
Matthew is 23 years of age, living at home and going through a very difficult time in his life. Because he’s so aware and didn’t know how to cope with this difficulty, he turned to drugs at a very young age. At first it was soothing for him but over time it turned into a nightmare. The effect of the drugs has been 10 years of complete horror for him, his sister and me. During all these years we’ve tried so many things to help him. Some worked better than others but the struggle and relapses were never far away. At one point, just weeks ago, I was convinced that I was going to loose him.

Last Wednesday, in a session that was initially planned for my own growth, it seemed to be the right time to do an exercise for Matthew. The exercise was wonderful. Aleycham gave me instructions how to deal with Matthew in the coming days and months ahead. The team also said that I would be able to see a change in him within 24 hours.

I am astonished!

It’s only Friday and he’s more present, he communicates, he has dinner with the family again, he takes the initiative to work in the garden, attents school more actively, gets inspired to keep himself occupied in a productive way. I can even hear him whistle as I am writing this testimonial… I can’t believe my ears. It’s so beautiful to see him being relieved.

What a change has occurred! I have no words for the amount of gratitude! Thank you so much Victoria and Aleycham.

Please never stop your great work as it is literally life changing. Thanks again!

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