Peace Meditation

We are here.  We are Aleycham.  And we are coming from the deepest peace inside you.  This peace is so deep that it reaches in all other dimensions.  It’s through this peace that you are connected to all dimensions.  This peace is the core of All That Is.  It’s where the divine is anchored into.  This is where you can always replenish your energies.  When you come to this place, to this inner, deep peace of yourself, here is everything that you need.  Everything!  Whatever goes on in your outside world will be forgotten if you come to this place.  This place holds all the fulfillment and all the joy and serenity that you seek.  

So we invite you to come here often.  To visit this place at least once a day.  And just stay here for a few minutes.  Feel into it.  Connect to it.  Appreciate it!  And just be in this infinite moment of deep inner peace.  This is an invitation that we would like to give to each one out there.  Because if you would do this in the morning, maybe even before you open your eyes, your world would change.  Your life will change!  If you acknowledge this core inside you, this peace, this deep love that you are, before you even open your eyes, your life is changing in ways you wouldn’t anticipate–that you can’t think of because it’s beyond your realm of thinking.  

This little exercise will transform your experience of life.  So we invite you again to make this little exercise into a daily routine in your day.  And just watch what will happen from there.  And maybe you can remind yourself during your day of this holy, inner peace inside yourself.  And remind yourself who you really are.  You are the world.  You are everything.  

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