Since she was a child Victoria has been telling her parents, siblings, and people surrounding her, truths that are answered with the question: How do you know? Growing up in a family home in the woods away from neighbors, she turns to the trees, plants and wild animals whom she considers her best friends.

After studying mechanical engineering and working as an engineer, Victoria is writing on her PhD when she feels a clear tap on her shoulder from someone she cannot see. Immediately she hears the words: We have an arrangement for this life. And a picture emerges inside of her. Yes. Suddenly she remembers. Before coming to planet Earth for this lifetime, she had made an arrangement with her star family from the Pleiades to be a messenger of divine love for humans in this awakening process that is happening right now.

To accomplish the task, a group of 40 light beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus are working through her. They call themselves Aleycham, Bringer of Peace. She realizes the grandness of this task and knows: If I start today, I will never finish my PhD. So she asks to postpone the commencement of this arrangement; of course it is granted. After handing in her doctoral theses in 2012, nothing happens until January 1, 2014 in a hotel in Strasbourg where she is staying with a friend. In the evening Aleycham takes over and talks to her friend for over an hour telling her about her life purpose, her special talents, what her gifts are and what she is called to do in this lifetime. Her friend Amy is astonished and wants to hear more. Since then Victoria has taken on her task as a messenger and is supporting people in many countries in all areas of life.